İçeriğe Atla Menüye Atla

Ankara - İzmir Railway (ru)

Ankara, Afyon, İzmir

Client Republic of Turkey
Ministry of Transportation
General Directorate of State Railways, Ports and Airports (DLH)
Partner Yüksel Domaniç Müh. Müş. Ltd. Şti.
Financing Local
Duration of Services 2004 – 2006
Brief Description of the Project:

Survey, design and engineering services for 600 km long Ankara-Polatlı-Afyon-İzmir railway.

  • Preparation of Feasibility Report and EIA Report for 600 km long double-track railway route,
  • Preparation of 1/2000 scale photogrametric maps for 600 km long railway route,
  • Ground investigations on 600 km long railway route (including 13 nos tunnels),
  • Carrying out hydraulic and hydrologic studies, preparation of route plans and profiles, drainage/platform/link road drawings and cross-sections and calculation of soil volumes, all within scope of Final Design,
  • Final design of 13 nos viaducts, 13 nos tunnels, 211 nos bridges, 297 nos underpasses and overpasses and 865 nos box culverts within the scope of small and large engineering structures design,
  • Superstructure and wire-fence design of 600 km long railway route,
  • Design of 21 nos railway stations and associated structures,
  • Signalization, electrification and telecommunication design for 600 km long railway route,
  • Preparation of land acquision plans for 600 km long railway route, and
  • Preparation of cost estimates, BoQs, contracts and specifications as a part of tender documentation as basis to railway construction.
Scope of Services :
  • Feasibility Study
  • Preparation of Final Design
  • Preparation of Technical Specifications
  • Preparation of tender documents