İçeriğe Atla Menüye Atla

Technical Assistance to Transportation Infrastructure Needs Assessment (TINA) (ru)


Republic of Turkey

Ministry of Transportation and

State Planning Organization (DPT)

Partners TINA Vienna Transport Strategies GmbH (Austria)
DORSCH Consult (Germany)
NEA (Netherland)
NESTEAR (France)
Financing European Union
Duration of Services 2005 – 2008
Brief Description of the Project :

The TINA study has initiated the development of a multi-modal transport network within the Republic of Turkey candidate for the extension of the European Union’s TEN-T to enable sustainable transport mobility across Europe and to ensure freedom of movement of goods, services and people between Turkey and the European Union.

The project covered the whole of Turkey and all modes of transport (rail, road, air and sea) including existing and planned investments with a special focus on integrated solutions of all modes.

The specific objective of the TINA study was to identify the investment needs in Turkey for transport infrastructure for the next 15 years that will integrate Turkey to EU. Specific objectives of the study carried out and services performed were:

  • Determination and assessment of the transportation infrastructure for all transport modes (rail, road, air and sea) that will integrate Turkey with the Member States of the European Union;
  • Establishing of a traffic forecast model and forecasting of future transport flows along the main transport network in Turkey by 2020; incorporating of all modes (rail, road, air and sea);
  • Prioritization of planned infrastructure projects according to TEN-T criteria;
  • Setup of a transport database using a Geographical Information System (GIS);
  • Assessment of the administrative infrastructure and recommendations for adaptations necessary for the implementation of Core Network for Turkey.
  • During the study, training activities and workshops for the beneficiaries have been held by the Consultant accompanying the several work steps.
Scope of Services :
  • A transport databank using GIS technology,
  • A traffic forecasting model,
  • Transport network analysis, transportation infrastructure needs assessment and project prioritization,
  • Assessment of administrative infrastructure and recommendations for necessary institutional changes and strengthening regarding the implementation of TINA study
  • Organizing training & workshops.