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Project Management Consulting Services (PIU-1) for Bursa Wastewater Project (ru)


Client Bursa Water and Sewerage Administration (BUSKİ)
Partner -
Financing European Investment Bank (EIB)
Duration of Services 2004 – 2009
Brief Description of the Project :

Project Management Consultancy Services include full-time Consultancy Service to BUSKİ in fulfilling its obligations under the loan agreement, in monitoring the works within the Investment Program and reporting to the Bank, in the preparations and processes for new works, which may be included in investment program, and in providing liaison with the EIB.

  • Coordination between BUSKİ and EIB,
  • Reviewing, Assessing and Submitting to the EIB the Annual BUSKİ Financial Audit Reports,
  • Carrying Out Necessary Studies on Achieving the Targeted Unaccounted Water Ratios,
  • Technical Assistance in procurement of goods, services and in signing of contracts,
  • Support in Providing Insurance,
  • Support in scheduling the work progress and credit reimbursements,
  • Executing / Monitoring Sludge Treatment / Disposal Plan,
  • Support BUSKİ in the Privatization Process,
  • Support to BUSKİ in Tariff Studies,
  • Support to BUSKİ in implementation of assets management system / Cost and inflation accounting system
  • Support to BUSKİ in implementation of Quality Management System
  • Adaptation of similar implementations of international and local high standards to Bursa Water Project
  • Consulting services for BURSU-13 potable water SCADA System.
Scope of Services :
  • Project Management and consultancy services.