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İzmir Large Canal Project, Southern Sewer Collectors (ru)


Client İzmir Water and Sewerage Administration (İZSU)
Partner -
Financing Local
Duration of Services 2000 – 2001
Brief Description of the Project :

In the scope of İzmir Large Channel Project, integration of several collectors, which are located in Konak, Buca, Gaziemir, Sarnıç and Karşıyaka to İzmir Large Channel Project by Melez Collector, and detail design for sewer and stormwater networks, which provide integration to these collectors.

In the scope of Southern Collectors which cover 7203 ha;

Sewer Network – the length of 1146 km, between dia. Ø600 - Ø2200mm,

Sewer Collector - the length of 73 km, between dia. Ø600 - Ø2200 mm,

Stormwater Network – the length of 16 km, between dia. Ø400 - Ø500 mm

Stormwater Collector – the length of 32 km, between dia. Ø600 - Ø1800 mm

Preparation of detailed design for 1162 km networks and 105 km collector lines.

Scope of Services :

The detail description of the services carried out in 5 stages such as A, B, C, D and E are given as follows:

Stage A: Preparation of the preliminary design report, general basin plans, collector draft plan and profiles, stormwater network draft plans, general layout plans, preparation of the pre-geotechnical report.

Stage B: surveying in 7203 ha area, detail measurements at collectors and networks route, settlement of the existing sewer-stormwater lines and manholes with the coordinates, preparation of existing utility plans (Water, PTT, Electricity lines etc.), ground investigation and preparation of geotechnical report.

Stage C: Collector construction plan and profiles, sewer network construction plans, stormwater network construction plans, sewer-stormwater network profiles, hydraulic calculations and verifications.

Stage D: Preparation of the final design report, detail design for sewer and stormwater systems, small and other structures, tunnels, pumping stations and hydraulic calculations and verifications.

Stage E: Bill of Quantities, unit price analysis and tender document.