İçeriğe Atla Menüye Atla

Wadi Dayqah Dam and Water Supply Scheme to Muscat and Quriyat (ru)

Sultanate of Oman

Client Sultanate of Oman
Ministry of Regional Municipalities
Environment and Water Resources
Partners Black & Veatch Int. Ltd. (UK)
National Eng. Services Pakistan Ltd. (Pakistan)
Financing Local
Duration of Services 2005 – Ongoing
Brief Description of the Project :

A water supply reservoir with main and saddle dams, located on the Wadi Dayqah at Mazara,

A pipeline to supply water to the irrigation areas in Mazara (downstream of the dams), Hayl Al Ghaf and Daghmar (alternative recharge dam possibility shall be investigated for Daghmar coastal plain),

A Raw Water Pumping Station to supply water from the reservoir to the water treatment plant consisting of 4 duty and 1 standby pump, with a total capacity of 1.45 m3/s and a pump head of 97 m,

A water treatment plant (WTP) with a design capacity of 105 000 m3/day

A conveyance system supplying treated water to Muscat, Quriyat and downstream users; with an overall design flow of 1.45 m3/s, which includes:

-    1200 mm diameter 36000 m in length,

-    1100 mm diameter 51300 m in length,

-    600 mm diameter 10000 m in length,

-    550 mm diameter 15000 m in length,

-    450 mm diameter 4500 m in length,

-    350 mm diameter 10000 m in length.

A Booster Pump Station pump station consisting of 4 duty and 1 standby pumps, with a total capacity of 1.45 m3/s and 210 m head.

3 Storage Reservoirs reinforced concrete, 20 000 m3 and 2 x 11 000 m3.

Scope of Services :
  • Project management and coordination,
  • Preparation of detail design,
  • Preparation of tender documents in accordance with FIDIC conditions
  • Technical assistance during tender period and tendering,
  • Supervision of construction works.