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Batman Water Supply and Sanitation Project (ru)


Client Municipality of Batman
Partner Schneider & Partner Ingenieur Consult GmbH (Germany)
Financing Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)
Duration of Services 2005 – 2010
Brief Description of the Project :

The project for Batman having equivalent population 478.000 in the design target year 2030 comprises potable water supply (Underground Water deep wells, storage and service reservoirs, pumping stations, transmission and force mains) and wastewater / storm water networks detail design, WWTP design, tender documentation, technical support to the Municipality in tendering and awarding the civil works, construction supervision, defects liability period services, commissioning, temporary/final acceptance services.


Water Supply and Distribution:

Development of new well field area, Rehabilitations and Construction of water reservoirs, Construction of new main pumping station and transmission main, Construction of water supply and distribution network (20 km- Ø80 mm to Ø500 mm), Leak detection and repair program, replacement of water meter and house connections.

Storm Water - Drainage:

Rehabilitation/extension of main storm water network (14 km- Ø400 mm to Ø2400 mm), Design and separation of storm water retention basins (82.700 m3 totally)


Rehabilitation/extension of main waste water network (14 km- Ø200 mm to Ø1200 mm), Separation of wastewater and storm water systems


Wastewater Treatment Plant

Biological treatment plant with anaerobic sludge treatment (Digester with 4300 m3) and combined heat and power system for energy recovery (gas tank 1000 m3, electrical power 530 kW, thermal capacity 673 kW, gas-fuel input 1482 kW, selected gas consumption 6,4 kWh/Nm3 Overall efficiency 81,2 %), with capacity of 300.000 PE, 60.000 m3/day.

Scope of Services :
  • Review of existing studies,
  • Data collection (Geotechnical – Topographical),
  • Updating and review of planning results,
  • Preparation of preliminary design for the WWTP,
  • Preparation of detail design for water supply and wastewater systems,
  • Preparation of tender documents in accordance with FIDIC Yellow and Red Books,
  • Technical assistance during tender period and tendering,
  • Construction supervision,
  • Implementation of water loss reduction programme,
  • Commissioning, temporary/final acceptance of the work.