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NABUCCO - Turkey – Austria Natural Gas Pipeline Project Turkish Section Engineering Services and Feasibility Study (ru)


Client BOTAŞ - Boru Hatları ile Petrol Taşıma A.Ş.
Partner -
Financing Local
Duration of Services 2004 – 2005
Brief Description of the Project :

The “NABUCCO Natural Gas Pipeline Project” covers high-pressurized pipeline and associated structures for transmission of 31 billion m3/year natural gas, scheduled for supply from the Middle East and Caspian countries of operation, to Austria via Turkey-Bulgaria-Romania-Hungary for 50 years.

The total length of studied lines within Turkey including the alternatives is 4,500 km. The feasibility study has been carried out.

Scope of Services :
  • Data Collection and Evaluation Studies: Have included collecting and evaluating the data on existing BOTAŞ pipelines, collecting, scanning, combining and digitizing all topographical, geological, hydrological etc. maps required for route selection, developing 52 thematic maps for use in corridor verification studies, and collecting / evaluating the standards and legislation which are currently in effect in relation with natural gas sector.
  • Preliminary EIA Studies: have included the Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment studies and reporting for 25 km wide and 4460 km long corridor.
  • Corridor Verification and Route Selection Studies: have included verification of 25 km corridor for L=4460 km Ø42”–Ø56” Natural Gas Pipeline System, selection of the 5 km wide interested in corridor and selection of the 500 km wide preferred route within the interested in corridor.
  • Hydraulic Simulation Studies: have included hydraulic simulation study, considering different scenarios, as basis to the Natural Gas Master Plan study until the year 2020, verification of studies carried out using a different program, and reporting on all studies.
  • The engineering data has been transferred into Feasibility Study of NGPL.