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TANAP - Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project (ru)


Client TANAP Natural Gas Transmission Co.
Partner Worley Parsons Europe Ltd. UK
Financing Azerbaijan, Turkey
Duration of Services 2014 - Ongoing
Brief Description of the Project :

The TANAP Natural Gas Pipeline Project covers high-pressurized pipeline and associated structures for transmission of natural gas 31 billion m³/y, scheduled for supply from Azerbaijan to Turkey and Europe for 50 years.

The pipeline length is 1,850 km, starting at the Georgian border, leading to Greece Border of Turkey.


Length                                       : 1,850 km

Pipeline Diameter Onshore : 56” (1,335 km) and 48” (496 km) respectively

Pipeline Diameter Offshore : 36” (19 km)

MAOP                                        : 100 bar

Station facilities:

  • Compressor Station : 7 Nos.
  • Block Valve Stations : 49 Nos block valve stations
  • Pigging Stations : 12 Nos.

2 Nos Take Off Station near Eskişehir and in Thrace includes metering and pressure reduction facilities.

4 Nos Fiscal Metering Stations at the Georgia and Greece Borders and Turkey Take Off Stations.

Scope of Services:
  • Detailed Engineering design and preparation of construction technical specifications and BoQs for the pipeline (onshore + offshore), structures / techniques of intersections with other facilities as well as for the AGIs (e.g. compressor stations, pipeline valves, metering stations, pigging stations etc.),
  • For the complete pipeline, cathodic protection (against corrosion) and SCADA system design,
  • Data acquisition for recording in the Geographical Information Systems developed for all pipeline, and recording the data in the Project Data Platform.
  • Contacts with associated public institutions and agencies, and obtaining legal permissions, along the pipeline route,
  • Participation and support to selection of Contractors
  • Participation and support to selection of Pipe Manufacturers and Compressor Unit Manufacturers
  • Monitoring and coordination of the preparation of land acquisition plans and drawings comprising the complete pipeline route, further to carrying out land ownership valuation studies and monitoring and coordination land acquisition activities ,
  • Procurement and material management
  • Contract program and cost management of all assigned contractors and service providers.
  • Project management of all contracting activities both on pipeline and stations including; Construction Supervision including QA/QC and Health and Safety, Environmental monitoring, Social monitoring
  • Supervision and coordination of startup, commissioning and initial operation of whole transmission system.