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Tunca (Suakacağı) Dam and HEPP Irrigation Project Basic Data Collection, Planning & Design Engineering Services (ru)


Client DSİ 11th Regional Directorate - Edirne
Partner -
Financing Local
Duration of Services 2007 – 2010
Brief Description of the Project:

The objective is collecting basic data, planning and design for irrigation water supply to arable lands on the Tunca Plain and hillsides utilizing water potential of the Tunca River in the Meriç Basin.

The project was accomplished in 2 phases.

Phase 1 - Planning
Planning services comprised irrigation of total 15 845 ha (gross) land using the water to be stored in Tunca Dam to be constructed on the Tunca River on the Bulgaria-Turkey border within Edirne Province. Planning services also comprised high-pressure piped irrigation system on total 13 575 ha hillside lands and open-canal traditional irrigation system, including weir, on total 2 270 ha bottom lands, and a HEPP of about 11,68 MW installed power at the toe of the dam, on the right bank of the Tunca River within Bulgarian territory.

Planning services comprised the following;

Tunca Irrigation
Bottom Lands      2 270 ha (Gross)
Hillside Lands    13 575 ha (Gross)
Total                     15 845 ha (Gross)

Tunca Weir
Calculation Flow    319.00 m3/s
Design Flow            2.60 m3/s
Length                      65.00 m
Height                       5.15 m

Tunca HEPP
Installed Power        11 680 Kw
Energy Generation   36.80  GWh/year

Pumping Stations

Hillside Lands
Installed Power        9 130 kW
Number of Pumps   11 duty, 2 stand-by
Flow                             8.25 m3/s

Bottom Lands
Installed Power       90 kW
Number of Pumps   2 duty, 1 stand-by
Flow                            2.60 m3/s

Reports Prepared in Phase 1:
Hydrology Planning Report, Agricultural Economy Planning Report, The Tunca River Flood Losses and Protection Benefits Planning Report, Natural Construction Materials Planning Report, Engineering Geology Planning Report, Planning Report and appendices thereto (Drawings Album), EIA Project Introductory File and Summarized Report (in Turkish and English).

Phase 2 - Design

Design services comprised high-pressure piped irrigation system on 13 590 ha area of hillside lands and 2 240 ha bottom lands, total 15 830 ha (gross) area. As basis to design, 1/5000-scale photogrammetric mapping in 1/1000-scale precision was performed by flights over the whole area.

Detail design for irrigation system included secondary and tertiary pipelines (384 822,95 m in total), primary pipeline comprising right bank pipeline (32 536.48 m) plus left bank pipeline (19 305.11 m), pump stations and engineering structures.

Design services comprised the following:

Tunca Irrigation
Bottom Lands      2 240 ha (Gross)
Hillside Lands    13 590 ha (Gross)
Total                 15 830 ha (Gross)

Pumping Stations
Installed Power       15 000 kW
Number of Pumps    5 duty
Flow                       11.375 m3/s
ETL                         2 x (3 x 477 MCM) 13 km

Detail Drawings
1/5000-scale and 1/25 000-scale General Layout Plans
Plans and Profiles for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Pipelines
Drawings for Irrigation Network and Associated Engineering Structures
Drawings for Pump Station (Architectural, Civil Works, Mechanical-Electrical Equipment)
Drawing for Energy Transmission Line (ETL)

Reports Prepared in Phase 2
Preliminary Report, Setting-Out Records, Irrigation Network Hydraulic Calculation Report, Design Report, Report for Application for Credit, Green File (Tender Special Technical Specification), Detail Design Reports for Pumping Stations Mechanical-Electrical and Civil Works - ETL.

Scope of Services:
  • Basic data collection,
  • Planning studies,
  • Mapping,
  • Detailed Design.