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Manisa Kırkağaç Project, Aydıncık Dam Planning Engineering Services (ru)


Client DSİ 2nd Regional Directorate - İzmir
Partner -
Financing Local
Duration of Services 2008 - 2010
Brief Description of the Project:

The project area covers a part of farm lands of Musahoca, Küçükyaka, Yağmurlu, Siledik and Bayat Villages of Kırkağaç Sub-province of Manisa Province, on Bakırçay Basin. 

The project structures are;

  • Aydıncık Lagoon :  Akçay Creek; Earth-Fill type; height from foundation 29,50m.
  • Aydıncık Lagoon Irrigation : 306 ha

Studies are carried out in two phases. 

1. Interim Report

Studies for selecting the types and capacities of project structures and determining the project formulation have been completed. Preparation of the “Engineering Hydrology Report”, “Agricultural Economy Planning Report” and “Engineering Geology and Natural Construction Materials Planning Report” have been prepared.

2. Planning Report

Aydıncık Dam and associated structures further to the areas to be irrigated by water from the dam will be studied at planning level and on the basis of alternative solution to be decided by DSİ, after having reviewed the Interim Report, and the “Manisa Kırkağaç Project – Aydıncık Dam Planning Report” will be prepared.

Scope of Services:
  • Planning studies