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Kahramanmaraş - Adatepe & Karakuz Irrigation Planning Revision Engineering Services (ru)


Client DSİ 20th Regional Directorate - Kahramanmaraş
Partner Hidro-Dizayn Müh. Müş. Ltd. Şti.
Financing Local
Duration of Services 2008 - 2013
Brief Description of the Project:

Project area is situated in the Upper Ceyhan Basin, within limits of Göksun, Afşin and Elbistan sub-provinces of Kahramanmaraş province.

The project structures comprise the following;

Adatepe Dam Irrigation

Adatepe Dam of clay-core rock fill type, of which construction is in progress on the Göksun Creek in Göksun sub-province of Kahramanmaraş province.
Adatepe Irrigation (26 194 ha)

Karakuz Dam Irrigation

Karakuz Dam and Büyükyapalak Dam of clay-core rock-fill type to be constructed on the Hurman Creek, including Büget Dam and 105 km long main conveyance channel within limits of Afşin sub-province of Kahramanmaraş province.
Karakuz Irrigation (20 367 ha)
Studies will be carried out in two phases.

1. Interim Report

Water supply and flood studies will be updated and Engineering Hydrology Report will be prepared. Revised soil-drainage studies will be carried out on project site and Planning Land Classification and Drainage Basic Reports will be prepared. For the areas to be irrigated by water from Adatepe and Karakuz Dams, field and office studies on Agricultural Economy and Land Acquisition will be carried out and Revised Agricultural Economy and Land Acquisition Planning Reports will be written. 1/1000 scale mapping will be provided for axial site of Büget Dam which will be supplied water from Karakuz Dam.

Engineering Geology and Natural Construction Materials Planning Reports will be developed on the basis geological and geotechnical investigations on sites of all irrigation systems and main channels as basis to final design. Water Rights Report will be prepared on the basis of studies on existing public irrigations in the upstream and downstream of dam and storage structures.
Irrigation primary canals will be optimized for conventional and piped systems and cost-efficient alternatives further to project formulation will be selected and included in Interim Report.
2. Planning Revision Report

Cost estimate will be finalized on the basis of all technical calculations and BoQs for storage and irrigation facilities as per the final formulation agreed by DSİ. The EIA Project Introductory File will be prepared and submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. Agricultural income and annual expenditure will be calculated on the basis of economical analysis, and project cost/benefit ratio and internal rate of return (IRR) will be determined. Financial analysis will include cost-sharing since Adatepe – Karakuz Planning Revision work comprises irrigation water and cooling – admixing water sectors (i.e. Afşin-Elbistan Thermal Power Plant).

Digitized satellite images, photogrammetric data, maps and map notations, plans and drawings used in planning studies or produced during project will be delivered to constitute a basis to GIS.

Scope of Services:
  • Planning Revision Studies