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Manisa - Kula - Çelengöz Dam, Planning Engineering Services (ru)


Client DSİ 2nd Regional Directorate - İzmir
Partner -
Financing Local
Duration of Services 2008 - 2009
Brief Description of the Project:

Project area covers the cultivated lands in Başıbüyük, Evci and Bebekli Villages of Kula Sub-province of Manisa Province, in Gediz Basin in Aegean Region.

The project aims at evaluating the water potential of Gökdere and Bebekli streams, identifying the lands irrigable by water from Çelengöz Dam, opening these lands to irrigated farming and solving drainage problem in areas which are poorly drained. 

The following structures are planned for construction under the Project;

  • Çelengöz Dam of Zoned Earth Fill type and 30.00 m height from foundation, on the Çelengöz Stream
  • Irrigation Network on gross 403 ha, supplied water from Çelengöz Dam
  • Bebekli Weir and Conveyance Channel on the Bebekli Stream.
  • Studies were carried out in two phases.

1. Interim Report

The first phase comprised the studies for selecting the types and capacities of project structures under the Contract and defining the project formulation. The “Engineering Hydrology Report”, “Agricultural Economy and Land Acquisition Planning Report” and “Engineering Geology and Natural Construction Materials Planning Report” were be prepared in this phase. The “Interim Report” was submitted to DSI and following approval by DSI, planning studies were proceeded with.

2. Planning Report

The second phase comprised detailed planning studies for structures (e.g. embankment, diversion conduit, spillway, bottom weir, irrigation network etc.). Studies included dimensioning of the structures, preparation of drawings, BoQs and cost estimates and determining the project efficiency based on economic analyses, all on the basis of optimization studies as per the final project formulation. 

For environmental impacts assessment, EIA Project Introductory File on material borrow areas and quarries was prepared and “EIA is Not Required” Certificate was obtained.

Scope of Services:
  • Planning studies