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Edirne Çakmak Dam Irrigation, Preparation of Revised Planning Report (ru)


Client DSİ 11th Regional Directorate - Edirne
Partner -
Financing Local
Duration of Services 2010 - 2012
Brief Description of the Project:

Çakmak Dam Irrigation project area is situated within boundaries of Uzunköprü and Meriç sub-provinces of Edirne province and Pehlivanköy sub-province of Kırklareli province.

Objective of the Project is to supply irrigation water to bottom and hillside arable lands of total gross 52.140 ha, by using water potential of the Meriç River in Meriç basin and also by storing in Çakmak Dam, of which construction is in progress, the Meriç River water in winter for utilization in irrigation period when the river water potential is low. The Project comprises the following structures.

Çakmak Dam Water Intake Structures

Çakmak Dam Water Intake structures include transmission channel A, branching off at Km:4+015 of transmission channel A2, and pumping station P2-B at the end of transmission channel.

Irrigation Canals and Network

A) Bottom Lands
Total 14.300 ha land is the gravity irrigation area to be supplied water from pumping stations P1 and P1-M at stage 1. The area will be irrigated via irrigation system consisting of traditional primary canals and low-pressure piped irrigation network.

B) Hillside Lands
Total 37.840 ha land will be irrigated by water to be pumped at stage 2. The system for irrigation of hillside land consists of traditional primary canals and medium and low-pressure piped network.

For the pumping stations within scope of Çakmak Dam Irrigation Revised Planning Report, total installed power is 40 550kW and annual total power consumption is 75 000 000kWh.

1/5000-scale ptohogrammetric mapping at 1/1000-scale precision on gross 22.000 ha area was performed within scope of the “Preparation of Çakmak Dam Irrigation Revised Planning Report” work.

Scope of Services:
  • Photogrammetric mapping
  • Planning revision studies