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GÖLSU İzmir Province Projects Planning Engineering Services – Part 2 (ru)


Client DSİ 2nd Regional Directorate - İzmir
Partner -
Financing Local
Duration of Services 2012 - 2013
Brief Description of the Project:

Project sites comprise partly the lands in Aliağa, Bergama, Seferihisar and Urla sub-provinces of İzmir province in the Aegean Region of our country.

The project comprises the following structures;

İzmir – Aliağa Kalabak Lagoon & Irrigation: The lagoon of rockfill-type and 39,00m in height from foundation will be used to irrigate gross 97 ha arable land.

İzmir – Bergama Kıranlı Surface Irrigation: Kabaklı and Karabacak Streams water will be used to irrigate 56 ha arable land via Kıranlı Weir.

İzmir – Bergama Bayramcılar Lagoon & Irrigation: The lagoon of rockfill-type and 16,00m in height from foundation will be used to irrigate gross 25 ha arable land.

İzmir – Bergama Çamtepe Lagoon & Irrigation: The lagoon of rockfill-type and 30,50m in height from foundation will be used to irrigate gross 113 ha arable land.

İzmir – Bergama Kırcalar Lagoon & Irrigation: The lagoon of rockfill-type and 36,50m in height from foundation will be used to irrigate gross 301 ha arable land.

İzmir – Seferihisar Gödence Lagoon & Irrigation: The lagoon of rockfill-type and 34,50m in height from foundation will be used to irrigate gross 68 ha arable land.

İzmir – Urla Demircili Lagoon & Irrigation: Planning and design studies could not be performed since “İzmir No.1 Regional Commission for Protection of Natural Assets” did not permit construction of the Lagoon due to Natural Sit Area status of the lagoon site.

Planning reports for lagoons, for which preliminary study reports are available, were prepared individually. Planning studies were performed at two stages.

1. Preliminary Study Report

Studies to define the types and capacities of contractual structures and to select the project formulation were performed at this stage. The “Preliminary Study Report”, prepared individually for each lagoon, were presented to DSİ, and detailed planning services were proceeded with when the proposed project formulation was agreed by DSİ. 
Mappings, at scales required by the Client, for axis sites of storage and diversion structures and for reservoir and irrigation areas were completed at preliminary study stage. Natural construction material investigations were performed, and programs for engineering geology and borehole drillings were prepared 

2. Planning Report

On completion of Preliminary Study Report, the lagoons and associated structures further to irrigation and drainage systems for the planned irrigation areas, referred to in the written decision of DSI with regard to the selected alternative, were studied at planning level and planning report for each lagoon was prepared as a part of the “Region 02 – GÖLSU İzmir Province Projects Part 2 – Consultancy Services”. The “Engineering Hydrology Report”, “Agricultural Economy and Land Acquisition Report”, “Land Classification and Drainage Report” and “Engineering Geology and Natural Construction Materials Report”, based on results of completed borehole drillings and material area investigations, were prepared at planning stage. On completion of EIA studies, Project Introductory File was prepared for each lagoon, submitted to Giresun Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanism that issued the decision on “EIA Is Not Required”. 

3. Design

Lagoons, total 7 in number, within İzmir Provincial Boundaries under responsibility of DSİ 2nd Regional Directorate, were designed as per the “Technical Specification for Dam Design”. Design studies will be performed at three stages.

3.1) Preliminary Report 

The Client was submitted a “Preliminary Report”, assessing adequacy of available studies at planning level and the data from these studies and if additional studies were required.

3.2) Interim Report

The Client was submitted an interim report detailing lagoon foundation geology, seismic parameters, foundation soil improvement, material parameters, procedures and safety factors to be used in stability analyses, construction materials, excavation slopes support systems, and criteria as basis to settlement and seepage analyses. The interim report included preliminary calculations and project formulation. Routes of the roads to be referred to in the report’s section “Service Roads, Road Relocations and Natural Construction Material Areas” were defined on the basis of available maps and following approval of the Client, striplike mapping was performed. The interim report and appendices thereto (drawings and comparison tables) were presented on CD.

3.3) Design

On approval of the interim report, design studies according to the “Technical Specification for Dam Design” were proceeded with. Design studies comprised all hydraulic, stability, static-reinforced concrete and steel structural design calculations and drawings. Additionally, special technical specifications for civil, mechanical and electrical works required for construction tendering process were prepared.

Scope of Services:
  • Planning studies
  • Design studies