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Irrigation & Drainage Systems - Other References (ru)

Duration of Services        

Country / City

Project Name

Scope of Services

1998              AZERBAIJAN   Construction Supervision for Farm Privatization, Irrigation and Drainage Project S, TR
Feasibility Study for Drip Irrigation Pilot Projects F
1987-1995  TURKEY
Consultancy Services for the Design and Implementation of a Core Program for Drainage and On-Farm Development P, D, S, TR
1987-1995 TURKEY Consulting Services for Preparation of a Master Plan Irrigation Strategy Review, Design and Implementation of a Core Program of Drainage and On-Farm Development M, FD, D, S


M  Master Plan
F   Feasibility
P   Preliminary Study
PD Preliminary Design
FD  Final Design
D    Detail Design
TD  Tender Documents
T     Tendering
S     Construction Supervision
DS   Design Supervision
PM  Project Management
TR   Training
TA   Tech. Assistance
IS    Institutional Strenghening
OA   Operation Assistance
SI    Soil Investigation