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Mardin - Ceylanpınar Plains Irrigation Project (ru)


Client General Directorate of State Haydraulic Works (DSİ)
Partner Su-İş Prj. Müh. Müş. Ltd. Şti.
Setan Müh. ve Müş. A.Ş.,
Er Müh. Ltd. Şti.
Financing Local
Duration of Services 1989 – 1995
Brief Description of the Project:

Mardin-Ceylanpınar Plains Irrigation area is increased from 328.000 ha to 388.000 ha by adding the 60.000 ha area which is planned to be irrigated by groundwater. A credit application report is prepared at the end of the work. The investigation of the problems of Harran Main Drainage Channel was also within the scope of this work.

Şanlıurfa-Harran Plain Planning Revision Work: Within this work, the planning revision is carried out for 46.100 ha area by considering the existing design and construction facilities and evaluating the combined irrigation by the use of ground water, surface water and irrigation return water.

Yaylak (Baziki) Irrigation Planning Work: Planning of irrigation of a 25.000 ha area from Atatürk Dam is carried out.

Final design of 54.608 ha area within Mardin-Ceylanpınar Plains is carried out. The irrigation, drainage networks and river protection structures are designed. The design studies of large structures are based on field application. New types are evaluated for siphons and for other large structures.

Final design revision is carried out for 46.100 ha area in accordance with the new formulation in Şanlıurfa Harran Plain.

18.322 ha are designed at Yaylak (Baziki) irrigation project. The final design are prepared for piped irrigation system. The pump stations and reservoirs within the project area are designed accordingly.

As a result final design and final design revision carried out within the scope of this study covered an area 119.000 ha.

Scope of Services :
  • Revision of planning and/or planning,
  • Preparation of credit application report,
  • Final design.