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Mozambique - Rehabilitation of Macarretane Weir (ru)


Client Ministry of Public Works and Resettlement (ARA-SUL)
Partner Técnica (Mozambique)
Financing Islamic Development Bank
Duration of Services 2002 – 2008
Brief Description of the Project :

Macarretane Weir is about 200 km distance to the capital of MAPUTO. The weir has 650 m length and consists of 40 piers and 39 gates. The weir is serving the purpose of irrigation water supply to the Limpopo Valley where 30.000 ha land is under irrigation.

Rehabilitation of Macarretane Weir is a precondition for the rehabilitation of Chakwe Irrigation.

The main purpose is on one hand, to rationalize the water use by eliminating present water leakage and, on the other hand to make the weir more functional by allowing the Limpopo floods safely passing through it. An urgent modernization studies have been carried out for the renovation of hydro-mechanical equipment, including rehabilitation of stop-logs and their hoisting mechanism, hinged gates control system and power supply panels.

Scope of Services :
  • Preparation of Hydrological Report,
  • Detail Design for Civil and Hydro-mechanical Works,
  • Preparation of Tender Documents for International Tendering,
  • Assisting the Client during Tender Procedure,
  • Construction Management and Supervision.