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SU-YAPI Engineering & Consulting Inc.

Detail Design for Water Supply / Network System of Bursa City, Büyükorhan and Harmancık Districts and Related Villages


Client Bursa Water and Sewerage Authority (BUSKI)
Partner -
Financing Local
Duration of Services 2015 - 2016
Brief Description of the Project :

Service area of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality was extended at first by law no. 5216, and subsequently by law no. 6360, which stipulates that the provincial borders define the service and responsibility area; accordingly, service area of Bursa Water and Sewerage Authority (BUSKİ) was also extended. With the extension of the service area of BUSKİ, it became necessary to prepare drinking water system detail designs in order to provide for the drinking water and municipal water demands of Büyükorhan and Harmancık districts and related villages, which are located within the relevant service area, in a healthy, sustainable and economic manner. 

Under the scope of the abovementioned drinking water system detail design project, Büyükorhan and Harmancık districts and related villages were addressed as a whole. Locations of all types of new drinking water facilities (conveyance pipelines, network pipelines, force mains, pumping stations, tanks, and engineering structures along the relevant pipelines, etc.) were selected, drinking water resources to be utilized were analyzed, necessary geological studies were carried out, and relevant detail designs were prepared.  

According to the projection year (2050) related to the relevant residential area, works carried out under the scope of this project include;

  • Estimating development conditions,

  • Estimating the population,  

  • Determining drinking water and municipal water needs,

  • Determining required drinking water facilities to supply needed water amounts,

  • Determining drinking water resources (conducting analyses and flow rate measurements on water resources, determining and mapping relevant elevations and locations),

  • Conveyance pipelines, network pipelines, force mains (diameter, route, soil survey, expropriation plans when necessary, intersections with existing infrastructure, detail design),

  • Pump selection,

  • Selecting tank volumes and locations,

  • Making calculations required for detail design and preparing all detail designs (hydraulic, mechanical, electrical, architectural, statics-reinforced concrete),

  • Performing all mapping works, soil surveys, geological studies and all necessary field works as per principles stipulated under relevant specifications, 

  • Preparing detail designs of operation and maintenance roads (service road) for conveyance pipelines, where required,

  • Performing field and mapping works, 

  • Performing other works related to the area required by the Client,

  • Making approximate cost and quantity-estimate calculations.

Scope of Services :
  • Mapping works,
  • Soil surveys,
  • Water resources analysis (113 nos.),
  • Drinking water network design (327.42 km),
  • Drinking water conveyance pipeline design (241.65 km),
  • Drinking water force mains design (58.11 km)
  • Tender documents.