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SU-YAPI Engineering & Consulting Inc.

Detail Design for Wastewater and Stormwater System of Bursa City Mustafakemalpaşa District and Related Villages


Client Bursa Water & Sewerage Authority (BUSKİ)
Partner -
Financing Local
Duration of Services 03/2015 - 12/2015
Brief Description of the Project :

The contract covers the preparation of detail designs and performance of related works, according to technical and economic rules, of wastewater and stormwater networks of Mustafakemalpaşa district and related sub-districts, which are included in the service area of the Metropolitan Municipality as per law no. 6360 and which suffer from sewerage and/or rainwater system problems that the Client seeks to resolve urgently.

Works carried out under the scope of this contract include;

  • Population projection studies for the target year of 2050,

  • Calculating wastewater flow rates as per population projections,

  • Selecting the best wastewater and stormwater route in terms of topography taking into account on-site investigations, existing cadastral plans, base maps -if any- and zoning maps; determining manhole locations and rainwater discharge point,

  • Selecting the location of the wastewater treatment plant (sewerage system of the district will terminate in a wastewater treatment plant), and preparing and submitting to the Client the relevant expropriation plan,

  • Preparing 1st and 2nd stage stormwater – sewerage detail designs (1st stage detail design involves any area where zoning map and existing roads are consistent. 2nd stage detail design involves any area of which there is no zoning map or of which there is a zoning map but no roads in line with that map have been constructed),

  • Dividing main basin into sub-basins and sub-basins into local basins; and planning on the basis of local basins and sub-basin,

  • Detail designs of stormwater and sewerage networks (346 km) ,

  • Design of pumping station (7 nos.),

  • Expropriation plans,

  • Preparing tender documents .

Scope of Services :
  • Mapping works,
  • Soil surveys,
  • Design of wastewater and stormwater networks,
  • Design of pumping stations,
  • Preparing tender documents