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SU-YAPI Engineering & Consulting Inc.

“DSİ 21st District Gölsu Planning – Part 4” work contract was signed. 21 June 2016

Contract of “DSİ 21st District Gölsu Planning – Part 4”, of which tender announced by General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) 21st Regional Directorate – Aydın, was signed on 21.06.2016. Preliminary Study and Planning Reports preparation services will be provided for Aydın Province Kayran and Tatarmemişler (His) Lagoons, Denizli Province Yeniköy, Kaçarboğazı, Ortaköy (Soğukcaksu), Cevizli, Yenimahalle Lagoons, Muğla Province Girdev Lagoon & Irrigation.