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SU-YAPI Engineering & Consulting Inc.

Human Resources and Organizational Development (HROD) in the Municipalities of Batman, Siirt and Van

Batman, Siirt ve Van


Republic of Turkey

Turkish Undersecretary of the Treasury

Partners Dorsch Consult (Germany)
Gitec Consult GmbH (Germany)
Financing Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)
Duration of Services 2006 – 2009
Brief Description of the Project :

Turkey is characterized by great regional disparities with the eastern and south-eastern regions being particularly affected by lack of infrastructure and development. In line with the Government’s policy to reduce regional differences in the country, German bilateral assistance is focused on these deprived regions, which are affected by high levels of out-migration.

The present project forms part of the Turkish Municipal Water Infrastructure Programme (MUWIT), an open investment Program consisting of individual projects in water supply and sewerage infrastructure in mid-sized municipalities co-financed by the German Development Bank (KfW) and the European Investment Bank (EIB). Along with providing finance for the investment projects, grant funds have been made available by the German Government through KfW for financing training and capacity building measures (Human Resources and Organizational Development (HROD) measures) for the respective Municipalities.

The purpose of these accompanying measures is to assist the Municipalities in Siirt, Batman and Van to secure the efficient and sustainable operations of the water supply and sewerage systems and thus to render the investment projects a success. With the help of the consulting services, the Municipal Water and Wastewater Departments (SKIs) are to be transformed into customer-friendly providers of municipal water and wastewater services operating on commercial principles in all relevant technical and institutional / financial fields.

Scope of Services :

The HROD measures to be carried out in each of the three municipalities will comprise the following main fields:

  • Organizational and Human Resources Development (HRD) (including MIS and data processing)

-    Proposal of appropriate new organizational structures and support in restructuring

-    Preparation and support in the implementation of HRD concepts

-    Design and implementation of IT-assisted MIS

  • Finance and Accounting (including Billing / Collection and development of tariffs)
  • Technical Operations Management
  • Support to the establishment of a monitoring unit for wastewater treatment plant operations
  • Support to the implementation of an environmental control unit
  • Support to the elaboration of a concept for the disposal/use of sewage sludge
  • Definition of water/wastewater – related performance indicators to be monitored over time
  • Marketing, including Public Relations and Customer Orientation
  • Training in management of investment projects