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SU-YAPI Engineering & Consulting Inc.

Antalya Environment Project


Client Antalya Metropolitan Municipality

Tractebel Eng. (Belgium)

Black & Veatch International (USA)

Financing World Bank
Duration of Services 1992 – 1995
Brief Description of the Project :

Technical subjects studied in Antalya Environment Project are water supply and distribution, wastewater collection, treatment and disposal, solid waste collection and disposal and coastal zone management of the city until year 2020. Moreover, to provide and to operate these services effectively, the most suitable alternatives of institutional and financial strengthening have been investigated in the scope of the project.

The estimated population of the city in 2020 is 1 460 000 and water requirement is 151 x 106m3. In the planning study carried out by DSİ, Karacaören II dam had been selected as the most suitable water source and transmission line and network projects had been prepared depending on this selection. In this study carried out by our firm, it was determined that in the short term water supply from the underground resources would be more economic. The study and proposed resources were approved by DSİ.

Sewerage network drawings prepared by İller Bank were reviewed and revised. Additionally, optimum solutions for the treatment plant and sea outfall were proposed and a detailed oceanographic research was carried out.

The final designs and civil works tender documents were prepared related to the stormwater drainage system.

For the environmentally safe solid waste disposal, feasibility studies on the necessary measures and the new landfill were carried out, and the best solutions within the current legislative framework were developed to rehabilitate the solid waste management.

Coastal zone management is a rather new concept in our country. The aim of this study was to provide land use planning and control methods more effectively by taking environmental loading capacity of the project site and effective pollution monitoring and sanctions into consideration. How the database would be developed to serve the purpose and which users would make use of it were studied in detail.

The major component of the project was the study on “Institutional and Financial Strengthening and Capacity Building”, which is of vital importance to our country. Depending on the outcome of this study, it is likely that similar projects be implemented throughout the country.

The Consultant’s services under the project included feasibility studies, design, and bid documentation.

The environmental impact assessment studies under Antalya Environment Project also included the studies on the environmental impacts of water supply, wastewater and solid waste. Assessments were compiled in a Pre-EIA Report and submitted to Antalya Environmental Directorate.

A detailed study in the World Bank EIA format was also conducted to include assessment of impacts that might originate from using the underground water to satisfy the potable water demand as well as the environmental impacts of sea discharge from wastewater treatment plant and of solid waste disposal area. The EIA report based on these studies was presented to the World Bank.

Scope of Services :
  • Feasibility study,
  • Preparation of final design,
  • Preparation of tender documents.