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SU-YAPI Engineering & Consulting Inc.

Wadi Dayqah Dam and Water Supply Scheme to Muscat and Quriyat

Sultanate of Oman

Client Sultanate of Oman
Ministry of Regional Municipalities
Environment and Water Resources
Partners Black & Veatch Int. Ltd. (UK)
National Eng. Services Pakistan Ltd. (Pakistan)
Financing Local
Duration of Services 2005 – Ongoing
Brief Description of the Project :

A water supply reservoir with main and saddle dams, located on the Wadi Dayqah at Mazara,

A pipeline to supply water to the irrigation areas in Mazara (downstream of the dams), Hayl Al Ghaf and Daghmar (alternative recharge dam possibility shall be investigated for Daghmar coastal plain),

A Raw Water Pumping Station to supply water from the reservoir to the water treatment plant consisting of 4 duty and 1 standby pump, with a total capacity of 1.45 m3/s and a pump head of 97 m,

A water treatment plant (WTP) with a design capacity of 105 000 m3/day

A conveyance system supplying treated water to Muscat, Quriyat and downstream users; with an overall design flow of 1.45 m3/s, which includes:

-    1200 mm diameter 36000 m in length,

-    1100 mm diameter 51300 m in length,

-    600 mm diameter 10000 m in length,

-    550 mm diameter 15000 m in length,

-    450 mm diameter 4500 m in length,

-    350 mm diameter 10000 m in length.

A Booster Pump Station pump station consisting of 4 duty and 1 standby pumps, with a total capacity of 1.45 m3/s and 210 m head.

3 Storage Reservoirs reinforced concrete, 20 000 m3 and 2 x 11 000 m3.

Scope of Services :
  • Project management and coordination,
  • Preparation of detail design,
  • Preparation of tender documents in accordance with FIDIC conditions
  • Technical assistance during tender period and tendering,
  • Supervision of construction works.