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SU-YAPI Engineering & Consulting Inc.

NABUCCO Natural Gas Pipeline Project Between Turkish/Georgian Border (Posof) - Ankara Pipeline Section Engineering Services

Client NABUCCO Gas Pipeline Int. GmbH

ILF Beratende Ingenieur GmbH

SEBAT Proje Müh. Müş. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Financing Local
Duration of Services 2010 - 2013
Brief Project Description :

The Nabucco Natural Gas Pipeline Project covers high-pressurized pipeline and associated structures for transmission of natural gas 31 billion m³/y, scheduled for supply from the Middle East and Caspian countries for 50 years, to Austria via Turkey-Bulgaria-Romania-Hungary.

The pipeline length is approximately 4,000 km, starting at the Georgian/Turkish and Iraqi/Turkish border respectively, leading to Baumgarten in Austria.

Nabucco Pipeline Turkish Section including the Feeder lines is totally app. 2,500 km.

The main figures of the Turkish/Georgian Border (Posof) - Sivas - Ankara of the Nabucco Pipeline are as follows:


Section  : Turkish/Georgian Border (Posof) - Sivas - Ankara
Section length  : 1,100 km
Pipeline Diameter : 48” (DN 1.200), 56” (DN 1.400)
MAOP   : 100 barg

Station facilities:

  • Compressor Station: 4 Nos
  • Metering Station: 1 fiscal metering at border
  • Block Valve Stations: 31 Nos  block valve stations
  • Pigging launcher and receiver facility: at Compressor / Metering Stations
Scope of Services:
  • Detailed route surveys (in the light of basic criteria, e.g. ecological, sociological, topographical, economical criteria and ease of construction), and determining the final pipeline axis,

  • As a part of geodesic and photogrammetric studies along the full length of pipeline route, stripwise map production on the basis of ortho-photo and LIDAR procedures, and preparation of plane-charts for special structure and river crossings and on sites of above-ground installation (AGIs) (e.g. compressor stations, pipeline valves, metering stations, pigging stations etc.),

  • For the whole route, including sites of AGIs, implementation of a comprehensive geotechnical investigation programme and preparation of engineering geology reports,

  • Carrying out specific hydrological studies on river crossing along the full length of pipeline,

  • Engineering design and preparation of construction technical specifications and BoQs for the pipeline (onshore + offshore), structures / techniques of intersections with other facilities as well as for the AGIs (e.g. compressor stations, pipeline valves, metering stations, pigging stations etc.),

  • For the complete pipeline, cathodic protection (against corrosion) design, and providing support to SCADA operation system design,

  • Preparation of land acquisition plans and drawings comprising the complete pipeline route, further to carrying out land ownership valuation studies,

  • EIA Studies as per the local legislation of each country and obtaining EIA “No Objection” decision; furthermore, preparation of the national section of the “Consolidated Project Environmental and Social Impact Report” to be submitted to international financing institutions,

  • Contacts with associated public institutions and agencies, and obtaining legal permissions, along the pipeline route, and

  • Data acquisition for recording in the GIS developed for 5 transit countries, and recording the data in the Project Data Platform.