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SU-YAPI Engineering & Consulting Inc.

GAP Şanlıurfa – Harran Plains On-Farm and Village Development Project



Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry,

GAP Regional Development Administration

Partner Oklahoma State University (USA)
Financing Local
Duration of Services 1998 - 1999
Brief Description of the Project:

The integrated project comprises irrigation and drainage systems as well as investments in on-farm development (land consolidation, land leveling, and soil reclamation), village infrastructure (roads and domestic water supply), extension, training, pest management, and cadastral data management..

The Şanlıurfa-Harran Plains irrigation is the first and most important components of the overall Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) which is under implementation. The irrigation area is limited by the Şanlıurfa and Harran main irrigation canals. They extend to the Syrian border, to enable irrigation of about 150,000 ha. More than 200,000 people live in 400 villages and settlements within the project area..

Land Development:
Land consolidation and land use planning, on-farm access roads, land leveling.

Land Reclamation:
Irrigation and drainage, soil reclamation, pest management, cadastral management, farmer training and extension services

Village Infrastructure:
New and upgraded village potable water supply system, upgraded village access roads

Project Management: 
Monitoring and evaluation

Social Impact Assessment: 
A social assessment has been conducted to determine what types of socio-economic changes have been taking place in the project area since the introduction of irrigated farming under Şanlıurfa-Harran Plains On-Farm Development Project and how these changes have been affecting people of different status, and how emerging problems can be dealt with. To obtain information, questionnaires were developed and completed by surveying 35 villages and 450 households. The information has been analysed.

Scope of Services :
  • Project Management
  • Social Impact Assessment.