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SU-YAPI Engineering & Consulting Inc.

Azerbaijan Agricultural Development and Credit Project


Client Agency for Support to the Development
of the Agricultural Private Sector
Partner -
Financing World Bank
Duration of Services 2001 - 2004
Brief Description of the Project :

The project has 4 components: Agricultural Policy Economy, International Financial Economy, Rural Social Infrastructure, and Irrigation Economy:

  • Definition of application plan for Project Management Unit and the related Ministries, Councils and Investigation Institutes suitable to the strategical policy of the Government and determination of suitable strategical criteria for the new economical conditions.
  • Definition of the methodology and the analysis methods related with various stages of the studies that will be done by the Project Management Unit and the related departments of the other units in the first year.
  • Identification of the research works which will be carried out by local research institutes and consultancy companies and preparation of the ToR for these researches.
  • Identification of the subject and scope of the seminars and workshops which will be organized locally and preparation of the terms of references.
  • Formation of an appropriate mechanism for the arguments and meetings related with economical politics.
  • Programming the visits of the foreign experts in Republic of Azerbaijan during the project implementation period by mutual negotiations.
  • Supporting the Ministry of Economy for the preparation of "Annual Implementation Plan for the First Year" and Investigation Programs of Project Implementation Unit.
Scope of Services:
  • Agricultural Policy Economy