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SU-YAPI Engineering & Consulting Inc.

Bartın – Arıt - Kozcağız Basic Data Collection and Planning Project


Client DSİ 23th Regional Directorate - Kastamonu
Partner -
Financing Local
Duration of Services 2001 – 2003
Brief Description of the Project:

Planning Report on Kozcağız Dam of 45 m height and clay-core earthfill type on the Kozcağız Creek and Potable, Municipal and Industrial Water Supply to Bartın-Amasra settlement units.

Planning Report on Kışla Flood Retarding Dam of 36 m height and clay-core earthfill type, proposed for construction on Güney Stream, a tributary of Kozcağız Creek, for flood protection.

Planning Arıt Dam of 44 m height and clay-core earthfill type proposed for construction on the Arıt Creek further to planning of irrigation of total gross area of 2.597 ha, of which gross 866 ha being on the left bank, and net 1731 ha being on the right bank, and Arıt Pumped Irrigation on gross 409 ha.

Bartın HEPP Planning Report on HEPP proposed for construction at the end of 16.2 km long irrigation and HEPP transmission main starting at Arıt Creek flows and Kirazlıköprü HEPP tailwater channel.

Under the aforesaid projects, pre and post-project socio-economic conditions, urban/rural infrastructures, and energy and environmental sectors in the Bartın Creek basin were studied in detail. Social infrastructure studies focused on demography, education, health and cultural conditions, economic infrastructure studies focused on agriculture, industry, mining, energy generation, services, transportation, communication, tourism and commerce and environmental studies included Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

Scope of Services:
  • Basic data collection,
  • Planning services.