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SU-YAPI Engineering & Consulting Inc.

Atabey and Keçiborlu Plains Irrigation Project


Client General Directorate of
State Hydraulic Works (DSI)
Partner -
Financing Local
Duration of Services 1998 – 2000
Brief Description of the Project :

The irrigation system of Atabey Plain lines between Eğridir and Burdur Lakes, an area that covers Atabey Gönen sub-provinces and İslamköy, B. Gökçeli, Kuleönü, Sav, Senirce towns and Aliköy, Bayat, Pembeli, Harmanören, K. Gökçeli villages within the boundaries of Isparta Province. Project covers a total are of 12 129 ha.
The characteristics of the project are:

  • Irrigation area: Right bank 6.465 ha + Left bank 5.664 ha, Total 12.129 ha
  • Irrigation network: Medium pressure pipe system (Californian System)
  • Irrigation main canal: 24 370 m, Initial Discharge of Main Canal: 7.0 m3/s

Additional water to the existing Atabey right bank main canal from the Eğirdir Lake by means of a pumping station and irrigate Gönen-Keçiborlu arable lands which can be irrigated neither by the existing Atabey Plain pumping station nor by surface and groundwater.

  • Bedre Pump Station
  • Conveyance Tunnel (new tunnel)
  • Conveyance Canal
  • Gönen pump station located near Kumacık
  • Keçiborlu right bank main canal 25 600 m (long serving 4 683 ha irrigation area)
  • Keçiborlu left bank main canal 13 600 m (long serving 803 ha irrigation area)
Scope of Services :
  • Preparation of final design