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SU-YAPI Engineering & Consulting Inc.

Azerbaijan, Khanarc Canal Project


Client Republic of Azerbaijan
The State Amelioration and Irrigation Committee (SAIA)
Partner -
Financing Islamic Development Bank (IDB)
Duration of Services 1999 – 2000
Brief Description of the Project :

New Khanarc Canal Project is the second ranked component of the Samur Apsheron Irrigation and Water Supply System. The length of main canal is 67.2 km and the irrigation area is 62.547 ha.

The civil structures for which final designs have been prepared are as follows:

  • 8 siphon structures for river crossing,
  • 6 big highway bridges,
  • 950 m long rectangle cross-sectional canal with concrete wall,
  • 994 m long gallery,
  • 32 bridges,
  • 16 chutes,
  • 14 pedestrian bridges,
  • 33 outlets,
  • 11 culverts,
  • 8 check structures,
  • 2 emergency discharge structures,
  • 6 gas and 4 oil pipeline intersection,
  • Services have included preparation of international tendering documents and assistance to the Client in Tender Evaluation.
Scope of Services :
  • Preparation of final design,
  • Preparation of international tender documents,
  • Assistance to the Client in tender evaluation.