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SU-YAPI Engineering & Consulting Inc.

Libya, Sirt END and Sirt B Pump Stations


Client Metiş İnş. ve Tic. A.Ş.
Partner -
Financing Government of Libya
Duration of Services 2004 – 2005
Brief Description of the Project :

The work is part of the Great Man-Made River Water Utilisation Project (Phase I-Central Zone). Verification of the Preliminary Studies and Preparation of Detail Design of the Pump Stations at Grand Al Gardabia (Sirt B) and Al Gardabia (Sirt END) in Libya.

These pump stations are required to deliver water through irrigation water distribution networks to meet the varying demands on the system. The total area to be irrigated is 10 000 ha approximately.

Grand Al Gardabia (Sirt B) Pump Station:

4 duty + 2 standby (for large forms),
1.28 m3/sec for each pump (h= 62 m head)

4 duty + 2 standby (for small farms),
0.234 m3/sec for each pump (h= 65 m head).

Al Gardabia (Sirt END) Pump Station:

4 duty + 2 standby (for large forms),
0.208 m3/sec for each pump (h= 67 m head)

4 duty + 2 standby (for small farms),
0.716 m3/sn for each pump (h= 57 m head)

  • The scope of the work: the verification of the standards and specifications, preparation of the detailed design, specifications, calculation, design reports and bill of quantities. Verification of preliminary design and preparation of detail design of the pump stations and ancillary buildings in scope below:
  • Detailed hydraulic requirements for the pump stations, pump duties, surge vessel sizing,
  • Mechanical details of the pumping system, the inlet and outlet manifolds, the valves and the surge vessels,
  • Details of electrical installations, medium and low voltage cabling, outdoor lighting, earthing and lightning protection,
  • Detail architecture drawings are prepared for the Pump House and ancillary buildings,
  • Establishing the structural concept and building details for the pump houses and ancillary buildings such as screen chamber, surge vessel areas, compressor buildings, diesel generator buildings including excavation, structural (reinforced concrete and steel roof support) designs,
  • Access road and buried services (water supply, wastewater and drainage) designs.
Scope of Services :
  • Verification of preliminary design,
  • Preparation of detail design,
  • Preparation of technical specifications.