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SU-YAPI Engineering & Consulting Inc.

Water Users Association Development Support Project (WUAP)


Component – 2: Design and Construction Supervision for the Rehabilitation of On-Farm Infrastructure

Client Republic of Azerbaijan
Amelioration and Water Farm
Open Joint Stock Co. (AWFOJSC)
Partner SULACO Consulting Engineering Co. Ltd. (Azerbaijan)
Financing World Bank
Duration of Services 2012 - Ongoing
Brief Description of the Project:

The two primary objectives of the assignment are to (i) develop designs, drawings and tender documents for the I&D rehabilitation and modernization works in about 34 WUAs, 15 core raions, covering some 85,000 ha, to be carried out under Component 2 of WUAP, and (ii) provide construction supervision and quality control.  All works to be carried out in accordance with international standards. 

Three secondary objectives are to (i) prepare digitized maps for all WUAs that benefit from rehabilitation and 15 core raions, (ii) assist PIU with the provision of excavators to eligible WUAs, and monitor their subsequent use; and (iii) review the compliance of the design and construction supervision with the Resettlement Framework Policy.

The works within the scope of Component 2:

  • Cleaning (de-silting) of irrigation and drainage canals,
  • Repairing concrete lining and joints, if needed replacement of the pipes of the pressurized irrigation scheme,
  • Rehabilitation of hydraulic structures,
  • Rehabilitation of pumping stations and their electro-mechanic equipment,
  • Rehabilitation of tube wells.
Scope of Services:
  • Providing field information;
  • Evaluation of rehabilitation cost estimate and economic and financial analysis;
  • Evaluation of environmental protection;
  • Arrangements for construction;
  • Topographic surveys;
  • Preparation of detail design;
  • Preparation of tender documentation;
  • Construction Supervision.