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SU-YAPI Engineering & Consulting Inc.


Environmental Impact Assessment  [Projects]

Su-Yapı is the first company granted the certificate of authority for the preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Reports in Turkey.  EIA reports are prepared not only in Turkey according to the requirements of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry but also overseas according to the international standards, first and foremost, of the World Bank and similar financial institutions.

Services in this regard also include the preparation of Social Impact Assessment Reports, and environmental monitoring services during construction phases of miscellaneous investments.

Basin Management Plans [Projects]

Basins are living systems where the utilisations of water, geology, flora, fauna and natural animal resources interact.  Basin management involves preservation of hydrological services provided by basins, minimisation or prevention of adverse impacts on lower basins or on groundwater, and integrated use of soil, vegetation and water of a geographically separated drainage area for the benefit of related local community.  Su-Yapı provides Basin Management Plan preparation services.