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SU-YAPI Engineering & Consulting Inc.


Investments aimed at the development of transportation systems are proceeding at a fast pace at the national and international level.

Su-Yapı provides design and supervision services particularly for highway and railway transportation as well as for mass transit rail systems in the transportation sector.  Design services include selection and analysis of routes, and comprehensive topographical, hydrological and geological studies.

In addition, Su-Yapı has extensive experience in the design of all types of transportation related engineering structures, including larger structures such as tunnels, bridges and viaducts.

Besides design services, Su-Yapı also provides transportation planning and feasibility studies for cities, regions and countries.

Transportation Planning [Projects]

Transportation issues increase day by day due to various reasons such as rapidly increasing population, unplanned urbanization and the increase in vehicle population.  Transportation issues should be handled and resolved by scientific methods considering certain aspects like environment, energy, sustainability and social balance.  Therefore, transportation should be analysed and arranged taking due account of physical planning decisions, and integrated solutions should be provided giving priority to mass transit systems and environmentally friendly modes of transportation.  Su-Yapı provides transportation planning and feasibility studies for cities, regions and countries.

Highways, Motorways and Bridges [Projects]

Road transportation, which is the main mode of transport in the world, has continuously evolved and developed because it allows uninterrupted transportation between two locations, it is flexible, fast and allows transition between systems.  Su-Yapı has broad experience in the design and supervision services on highways and related facilities and structures.

Rail Transport Systems [Projects]

Transportation has become one of the most important problems of mankind today.  Major problems such as rapid urbanization, intense population increase, air pollution and energy shortages have made a transition to rail transport both for urban and intercity transportation a necessity.  Rail systems include high-speed train and metro systems.  Su-Yapı provides services on high-speed rail transport systems for urban and intercity use.

Tunnels [Projects]

Tunneling, as likely as not, is the first civil engineering practice of mankind.  Tunnels, which are used for a variety of purposes, are utilised to shorten the distances covered in highway and railway transportation.  Su-Yapı provides design and construction supervision services regarding tunnels in urban and intercity transportation systems.