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SU-YAPI Engineering & Consulting Inc.

Municipal Infrastructure

Local governments and related state institutions of all countries strive to complete their urban infrastructure deficiencies and environmental protection investments.

Primary objective of these efforts is, without a doubt, the provision and distribution of clean water, followed by the collection, treatment and discharge of wastewater and stormwater, and collection, storage and disposal of solid wastes.

Since 1964 Su-Yapı has been providing related services in Turkey and abroad; working meticulously not only to provide technically most feasible and most economical solutions, but also to investigate and design sustainable, environmentally friendly and fit for purpose infrastructure facilities.  

Besides technical services, Su-Yapı also provides services for the strengthening of local governments institutionally and financially, provision of related training and investigation of socio-economic issues.

Water Supply and Distribution [Projects]

Water is a natural resource indispensable for life.  Although 70% of our planet is covered with water, only 2.8% of it is freshwater. Pressure inflicted on water resources incessantly increases with the increase in population. Global climate change alters the water cycle and adversely affects possibilities of prompt access to water. One of the strongest engineering firms in the field of sustainable water supply and distribution, Su-Yapı has participated in clean water supply projects of 30 million population equivalent.

Water Treatment Plants [Projects]

Water treatment plants play an important role in the distribution of supplied water in conformity with international and local quality standards. Su-Yapı has ensured people’s access to potable water by realising the largest treatment plant in Turkey and some of the largest treatment plants in the world.

Wastewater and Stormwater Drainage [Projects]

Stormwater as well as domestic and industrial wastewater in cities need to be removed without contaminating the environment and harming human health. Particularly aiming to meet the requirements and standards of local governments, Su-Yapı has successfully realised drainage system projects of numerous largely populated cities.

Wastewater Treatment Plants [Projects]

Recycling of water, which is reduced in amount and quality with each passing day, through treatment after its domestic or industrial utilisation is very important. Contaminated water transferred to treatment facilities via wastewater collection systems should be discharged to the receiving environment after its treatment as per international and local discharge standards. Su-Yapı has supported the protection of the environment as well as of water resources by realising treatment facility projects of various sizes in Turkey and in the rest of the world.

Solid Waste Management [Projects]

Solid waste management projects enable the reduction of environmentally hazardous impact of solid waste by various methods in order to reduce or delay the consumption of natural resources. These projects include works for collection, transportation, processing or disposal of solid wastes. Adverse effects of waste materials, which for the most part are directly or indirectly produced by human activity, are investigated in terms of health, environment and aesthetics. 

Institutional Strengthening and Technical Assistance [Projects]

Lack of technical and human capacity, particularly in developing countries, negatively affect the quality and efficiency of local services. Continuous extension of duties and responsibilities of local governments and expansion of their area of authority to include rural areas call for institutional capacity building at the local level. Su-Yapı provides consulting services on the development of institutional capacity, participatory practices and management effectiveness at the local level in order to assure accurate priority setting, increased quality of applications, enhanced efficiency in the use of resources and strengthened development.