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SU-YAPI Engineering & Consulting Inc.


Hydroelectric Power Plants [Projects]

An important field of activity for Su-Yapı is the utilisation of renewable surface water resources, importance of which is more apparent in this day and age, and the realisation of multi-purpose projects.  The company has provided engineering and consulting services for more than 220 dam and hydroelectric power plant projects in Turkey and abroad.

Structures designed include concrete gravity, concrete arch, earth- and rock-fill, concrete face and reinforced concrete dams, underground and aboveground power plants, switchyards, tunnels, penstocks and other associated structures as well as their infrastructures.  

Dams completed and in progress have varying body heights from 12m to 200m and varying installed capacities between 5MW and 700MW.

In addition, feasibility studies, planning services and investment consulting services are provided for autoproducer power plants, and energy generation dams and power plants to be built under Built-Operate-Transfer (BOT) and Built-Operate (BO) schemes.

Oil and Natural Gas [Projects]

Transmission, storage and distribution of natural gas is recently becoming a prominent issue worldwide.  Owing to its high domestic consumption capacity as well as to its location serving as a bridge between Asia and Europe, Turkey is investing heavily in the natural gas sector.  Su-Yapı provides services such as planning, feasibility studies, designing and consulting in this sector.

Wind Energy [Projects]

Wind energy is rapidly gaining popularity as a means of energy supply.  Turkey has a significant potential in wind energy.  Su-Yapı provides feasibility study and design services for wind energy facilities.