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SU-YAPI Engineering & Consulting Inc.

Dams and Water Resources

Su-Yapı enjoys extensive experience in the design, construction supervision, planning and feasibility studies of dams, reservoirs and other water resource management areas.  Services provided include investigation of underground and surface water resources, and planning and designing of relevant investments for the purposes of medium and long term energy supply, agricultural irrigation, urban water supply and flood protection.  

Dams [Projects]

Controlling water in order to sustain life has always been one of the basic problems faced by mankind.  Dams have been used for protection against floods, diversion of streams, storing of water and irrigation of land, each of which is a method of water control. Today, dams shoulder the burden as they have always done throughout the centuries: They provide for agricultural irrigation, they are utilized to store and provide tap water, further to more complex purposes such as hydroelectric power generation, rendering barren and infertile lands arable, and prevention of erosion due to floods and accumulation of sand and clay at river-mouths.  Having taken part in the design and construction supervision of 70% of dams in Turkey, Su-Yapı, a pioneer in this field, has successfully completed the first concrete face rock-fill dam project and the first roller compacted concrete (RCC) dam project in Turkey, and today, carries out all detail designs of Yusufeli Dam, which is the world’s third highest (272 m) double curvature concrete arch dam.

Irrigation and Drainage Systems [Projects]

Water use is a prerequisite for the development of agricultural sector.  During periods when the water requirements of crops cannot be fulfilled by natural precipitation, irrigation systems are developed and utilized to satisfy such requirements and to increase crop yields.  On the other hand, when the amount of water in soil exceeds a certain percentage around the root zone, plants cannot receive oxygen and they wither.  Therefore groundwater at the root zone is lowered through drainage systems.

Su-Yapı has been providing services related to irrigation and drainage to corporations engaged in these sectors.  Such services include river reclamation, examination of irrigation and drainage strategies, preparation and implementation of arable land development core programs, and related consulting services.

Water Resources Planning [Projects]

Water resources planning includes works performed to use water resources for various purposes for the benefit of people.  Technical and economic feasibility of projects should be demonstrated before they are implemented for purposes such as energy generation, irrigation, tap water and potable water supply, flood protection, recreation, etc.  These works can be referred to as water resources planning.

Soil surveys, mapping works, cadastral and land consolidation studies are also carried out if they are included in the scope of projects.

River Rehabilitation and Flood Protection [Projects]

Reaping benefits of streams can be made possible by way of river navigation, provided that stream flows are regular in the course of the year.  Streams with regular flows can be put at the disposal of mankind after rehabilitation works.  These works also include establishing flood storage facilities and/or performing rehabilitation works on existing riverbeds, with the purpose of flood protection on rivers with irregular flows that now and again cause floods and threaten the security of life and property.

Agricultural Development Planning and Training [Projects]

Farmers can enjoy further prosperity through production planning of agricultural crops by way of agricultural development planning as well as training of farmers.  Establishment of water associations also falls within the scope of services provided by Su-Yapı.

Preliminary Evaluation Reports

Preliminary evaluation reports include the estimation of facility costs and energy generation amounts of energy generation facilities planned to be established by carrying out relevant investigations in terms of formulation and water resources.