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SU-YAPI Engineering & Consulting Inc.

Management System

SU-YAPI has obtained ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate in 2002 and regulated company management and operation according to the requirements of this standard. In the following years, it has incorporated the following systems into its structure and as a company adopting the aim of continuous development, it always pursues search for innovation.

The following systems are integrated in a single Management System, including risk and opportunity management, on a process-based basis.

Name of the System
Start Date
Currently Applied Standard/ Guide
Quality Management System 2002 ISO 9001:2015
Environmental Management System 2010 ISO 14001:2015
Occupational Health and Safety Management System 2010 ISO 45001:2018
Project Management System 2014 ISO 21500:2012
Customer Satisfaction Monitoring and Measurement System 2017 ISO 10004:2012

Our Quality Policy

In line with our mission of “being the hallmark of quality and trust in engineering” and in meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard our quality policy is to;

  • be an honest, fair, dependable and trustworthy company that operates in an ethical manner;

  • do the right thing right the first time and on time by producing solutions that are fit for purpose and free of errors, and by sustaining our high level of service quality;

  • be a company that offers its employees opportunities to support their development and makes them feel their worth, and one that has a high level of trust, team spirit and sense of belonging;

  • be a company that continuously searches for new areas of business, embraces up-to-date organizational development dynamics, follows scientific and technological advances closely and continuously develops its own engineering competence;

  • undertake large scale and complex projects to maintain our leadership position in the sector and to increase our experience;

  • and be a company that transfers knowledge and experience to its stakeholders, puts forward distinctive solutions for them, strives to increase their standard of work and productivity, and contributes to their generation of new work opportunities.

Our Environmental Policy

  • to execute and continuously improve our management system pursuant to requirements of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System,

  • to follow regulatory requirements and other requirements undertaken,

  • to protect and utilize natural resources during our activities in an economical way, and to ensure recycling as much as possible,

  • to prevent environmental pollution, and to protect natural, cultural assets and natural life,

  • to increase environmental awareness of our personnel, subcontractors, suppliers and Clients,

  • to propose our Clients the practices that prevent environmental pollution and protect natural, cultural assets and living life during the production and operation of the designed products.

Our Occupational Health & Safety Policy

  • to execute and continuously improve our management system pursuant to requirements of ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System

  • to follow regulatory requirements and other requirements undertaken,

  • to protect health and safety of our personnel and relevant parties,

  • to make available adequate medical care supplies and resources at the work sites,

  • to maintain a work environment where our company workers can participate in for occupational health and safety works and express their opinions

  • to mitigate occupational health and safety risks and to provide extensive and effective health and safety management,

  • to eliminate risks, to provide safe and healthy work environment and to ensure “zero” accident record,

  • to propose our Clients the practices that will improve the health and safety of employees and end users during the construction and operation of the designed products .